Styr din TV med TiVo-fjärrkontrollen

Du kan programmera din TiVo-fjärrkontroll till att styra TV-funktioner såsom på/av och volym så du inte behöver använda TV:ns egna fjärrkontroll för detta. Här finns en guide från Tele2 för hur du gör detta för de vanligaste TV-märkena.

ESXi host disconnects randomly from vCenter Server

I had a problem with my vCenter server randomly intermittently disconnecting from the ESXi host for about 3 minutes a couple of times per day. In this article I will share how I finally managed to fix it. I read many articles addressing this issue when heartbeats are not received, but none of them really…
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Snipe IT pages not loading correctly after installing a reverse proxy with SSL

If your Snipe IT website is not loading correctly after enabling SSL (https) on your reverse proxy, take a look at the settings file of Snipe, usually found in /var/www/snipe-it/.env. Edit the file by ”sudo nano /var/www/snipe-it/.env”. Add the IP-address of your reverse proxy server on this row: Restart by ”sudo systemctl restart apache2” and…
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Snipe IT not showing uploaded images

This open source IT asset management system is a very good tool to keep track of your organisations assets and licenses. If you have problems with your company logo or asset images not showing, even though the upload works fine, there’s a simple fix. Edit the file .env, usually by ”sudo nano /var/www/snipe-it/.env”. Check that…
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Installationsguide TiVo

Här kan du ladda hem en installationsguide från Tele2 för digital TV-boxen TiVo. Guiden visar inkoppling med flera olika slags uttag från Tele2 (tidigare ComHem) och olika möjligheter för med eller utan datauppkoppling.

Free snapshot backups of virtual machines in VMware

This is an easy and good way of doing snapshot backups of your virtual machines in VMware and copy them to another datastore or NAS. It’s a simple script that you can run on one of the virtual machines on the host. Requirements: plink.exe, to connect to the host and run CLI commands to perform…
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HP LaserJet restarting randomly

My HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M281fdw printer suddenly started to restart with an error message as soon as it came online. I found some articles about this and they said it could be the firmware version having a bug, but I didn’t upgrade any firmware. So what other changes had I done recently? Solution…
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VLAN: PVID and VID explained

I first started using VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) in my home network because I wanted to have a server accessible from Internet without that server having any access to the rest of my servers, only isolated to Internet. To do that I replaced my Asus router with an EdgeRouter. It took a while reading…
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Extend expired AD password

Sometimes when a users password has expired it can be tricky to reset it if they are currently on a VPN connection for example. Here is a way to extend the current password in Active Directory for a user for another 90 days, or whatever is the password policy in your domain. Solution Write these…
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Slow SSD disk in VMware ESXi

Experiencing poor performance in VMware ESXi 6.5 with virtual machines on your SSD disk? Talking about 4-5 Mb/s in file transfers. I did and I fixed it by following tips on forums to disable the native AHCI driver. I have since upgraded to ESXi 6.7 and no longer have the issue. Solution Execute this command…
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